Our teams of dedicated surveyors, remote pilots and designers use only the best tools available: Industry leading aerial platforms, high resolution EDM instruments, cutting edge post-production and CAD systems and our home-grown requisition, planning and delivery portal.


With the growing public concern over the misuse of drones by inexperienced and untrained amateurs we ensure that we operate to the highest possible standards of responsibilty. As with all commercial operators we have "Permissions For Aerial Work" from the Civil Aviation Authority. In most circumstances the remote pilot will be accompanied by an observer and ground control stewards who will co-ordinate flight operations and public safety via two-way radio.

Our media team has unrivalled experience in GIS know-how and website design and they will soon be available for hire.

They'd like to talk to you about their latest toy - portable streaming media - that enables anyone to present their message to their market with maximum effect anywhere, anytime.